Musing Medows

I made a song and music video for it. I got into more detail in a dedicated youtube video.

Palm Sunday

For Palm Sunday, I produced a significant portion of the production of the passion of Jesus Christ for Saint Charles Borromeo Church. I worked with figures and set pieces made by other team members. I arranged and lit each scene and took pictures of the figures to go along with the narration. I also helped record the narration from volunteer voice actors, created the audio effects, and voiced a minor role myself. I did the editing, as well as put the sound track together from a range of arrangement and original composition.

Portrait Video

I have done a lot of basic portrait video like this one. This was filmed for Josie's solo concert, which was held virtually. The audio was recorded seperately and gently processed before resyncing it with the video.


Last year I helped Saint Charles Borromeo Church produce a video for We Three Kings day. This was similar to the Palm Sunday production, however it is admittedly of lesser quality, because I learned a lot from the mistakes of that production. It is still fairly good, and I again to lighting and photography as well as the audio.